Blog 4: Personal Learning Network-Revised

I began revising my PLN by revisiting my twitter feed and taking a look at who I was following. In my trusty notebook, I made two columns, “Who to Drop” and “Who I started to Follow”. Those I was unsure about whether to drop or keep following were placed in the middle. I realized that I had a lot of work to do to find sources that were relevant to me and particularly, since I haven’t settled on a topic, sources that could be relevant across all project ideas. Design/Organization and Thinking were still at the top of my list, as I can see how they are relevant across all disciplines. After class I added/renamed topics,  including Narrative Storytelling, Academic (rather than learning and teaching), Personal (work contacts), Joy (sounded more fun than generally inspirational), and hanging off the learning cliff is Divergent, as it doesn’t really make sense to have it as just one category.

My list is here.


I need to work a bit more on narrative storytelling, personal, and SME in organic gardening (yes! I added another project idea) After receiving feedback in class, I looked further into Figure 1, narrative medicine, and am making my way through the other suggestions. I found that I really liked Figure 1 even though it totally grossed me out sometimes and I had to throw my phone down because I was so traumatized by the pictures that came up. I began  thinking of ways I could use it for a completely different topic (like community gardening). Could we crowdsource plant disease or critter identification? How much of a need is there for that? IMG_1600.JPG

I use the Notes tab on my iPhone for remembering sources, collecting things I’m thinking about or want to look up later, and adding tasks that I want to do. Because of that, I decided to start with EverNote to collect resources. I like that the add-on extension allows me to take screenshots, add bookmarks, and clip articles. It doesn’t look as though I can drag links to Evernote; that would be a nice functionality to have. It would also be nice to be able to upload photos from my Evernote account directly to my blog. Figuring out where to store/save photos and how to get to them from different apps or devices  is probably the biggest pain I have. Admittedly, maybe other people have figured out how to do this but I’m always having problems with it!


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