ramblings about design ideas

Below are some of the ideas I’ve been thinking about (in no particular order)

  1. creating a lesson on reflection/metacognition
  2. create a lesson on using multimedia/technology
  3. creating easily transferable reflective practices to use across programs
  4. redesigning the online layout of a current module for a online program
  5. best practices for colleagues
  6. gardening project: work with my community gardeners to promote educational outreach (organic gardening guidelines, “growing” gardeners, crowdsourcing common gardening issues–critters, plant disease) grow community of practice

The last idea was sparked by looking at Figure 1 and thinking about an email from my local community garden about ‘growing’ gardeners. Would I even need the local community garden board’s blessing or is it something that enough gardening nerds would take interest in? I could see how it could be a local resource for gardeners who want to crowdsource problems with their plants, look for organic gardening resources. There are many plant blogs out there, but I haven’t really found one that speaks directly to this area.



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