Blog 7: Need/Insight

I have a learner persona; her name is Ana.

Needs/Insight Statements


beginner and master gardeners

Needs to

1) connect with community to share 

2) have very local resources

3) observe & document plant progress

4) grow food for dinner


1& 2) they need to ask questions/share insights that are locally based

3)they want to reference it year after year (when did I plant that last year? was it doing as well? Why or why not?)

5)  they need to save $ on groceries and/or it tastes better to them

I found that my younger interviewees enjoyed sharing their plans, documentation on social media but my older interviewees wanted nothing to do with it. I got the sense that they felt it tainted the experience. In a way, I understand that. Some interviewees brought up how relaxing gardening is, as a way to connect with nature and feel disconnected from work/life troubles, even though or maybe because it is hard work. The idea of trial and error came up often, mostly because although gardeners might troubleshoot that didn’t always mean that a particular method would work for them, especially if they were not sure of where the method took place. After learning more about my interviewees, I wondered how mentorship might fit in.





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