Blog 8: prototyping

How might I connect local gardeners for in time help?

The project ideas my group and I came up with were:

  1. local bulletin board at grocery stores/garden centers
  2. social around specific planting times (tomatoes in May, etc.)
  3. partner with local farmers market (stand/meet up)
  4. create an app-gardening sos
  5. create an app specific to zone (badges, up-voting)
  6. create a directory of gardeners in area; digital yellow pages
  7. partner with mater gardener certification places (CCAE?)
  8. grant to get “Take a Master Gardener” out for local food dinner or do a larger potluck
  9. partner experienced gardeners with beginners at community garden (apprenticeship/mentorship)
  10. digital illustrations of plants (clickable infographic)
  11. tinder like app/ swipe R or L-do you like my garden or is this garden making use of space, etc.

I decided to prototype the app idea, but found it more useful to create a prototype of a webpage before beginning the app prototype. I jotted down a few notes as I drew it out:

  • when you click into website, prompts you to input zipcode, tells you your zone # (state based, focusing only on MA for now)
  • if you sign up as a user, remembers your zone # to connect you with other users
  • people are given color badges, based on expertise. Everyone starts with beginner expertise but can get other, higher badges based on answering questions correctly (based on upvoting, probably) or submitting documentation (master gardener certification, haven’t quite worked this out yet)
  • can check out different zones by clicking on dif parts of MA map






I found I had to fight the urge to look at other websites/apps as examples when I was working and tried to take into consideration whether the “How might we?” question was being addressed. I found myself getting caught up in thinking “can I?” as in , “can I achieve this? What would I need to get this done? Should I even add it?” I tried to silence that part of the brain and not worry too much about the how just yet. I also found that I kept wondering whether what I was doing had already been done.


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