Blog 9: comparable products

Comparable product 1: 

Leafsnap is an app that identifies tree species when a user snaps a picture and submits it. It’s an electronic field guide specific to the northeast and growing to include other parts of the country.

I like the game section of the app. The user chooses the correct plant species based on four picture choices. You have one minute to do as many as possible. The more one plays the game the more one is able to get better at identification (not memorization) by looking at the visual cues. Another game has the user categorize floating leaves into species in one minute.

I also like the categorization; the user can search for specific trees by common or scientific name.

It does not seem as there are ways to interact with other members; as it is solely for identification. It would be nice to connect users with each other.

I could incorporate the in-time usefulness. The user can upload a picture anytime; can take a picture and receive a response quickly. It also uses experts to source the content.

Comparable product 2:

Figure 1 is an app for healthcare providers. Medical professionals post cases and receive feedback from other professionals on what they might be missing (the paging feature) or what they could have done/

The organization of this app is top-notch. Cases are searchable/viewable by anatomy or specialty. Users have the option of ‘paging’ and expert in real time. The content is visual so the user receives a lot of information up front and can click the photo to read further or ask questions/post feedback. The ones who can participate are experts or learners; possibly patients. There is a really strong community of practice; users are engaged.

This is a really good app so it’s hard to find fault with it, however, I noticed that sometimes the categorization (generated by users) is incorrect. That may have to do with the amount of time a post has been up and how many people have seen it/categorized it. Maybe it would be helpful to only have the medical professionals able to tag. I wonder if there would be a way to connect patients to each other as well for crowd-sourcing.

I think the organization/categorization could be useful in many other subjects, including gardening. What subjects/categories would be the most useful for gardeners. How would one ‘page’ and expert. Maybe there are ways to make this a ‘blended’ format so that users are connected both on and offline.



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