Blog 11

For my project plan I used Trello but I’d like to put a plug in for Asana. I wanted to use Asana because the interface looked cleaner and I could view my project plan in calendar form or by lists! Unfortunately, it looks like you cannot make your project fully public. It’s geared more towards teams, so I’d have to send out email links to everyone I’d want to share with. Decided that wouldn’t be great for this project so I’m sticking with Trello for now.

What is “done”? For this project, “done” will be a flexible term; rather than concentrating on presenting a neatly boxed, completed learning experience I will concentrate on the process of creating and designing. I will turn in my different prototypes, along with my reflections, feedback, and research on each. The reason I’ve decided to go this route is because I often become stuck in the designing process and never put something into the world. Concentrating on the creating and experimenting will allow me to get feedback (maybe) and change direction if it is not working. My main prototype is creating a physical space at the garden where people can interact, even if they are not there at the same time. I’ll try different variations of this, and probably add/subtract elements to see what happens.

I’d like to create rapid prototypes more often; maybe 2-3 per week, even if I do not necessarily make them. This is just to get me in the practice of creating more often. I may also focus more on my last prototype (creating stations at garden work days) by getting more detailed about how the experience should go. I plan to end the project by the end of May, mostly because I’ll be leaving my community garden because I’ll be moving to a nearby town. I won’t be able to maintain the garden or visit but maybe eventually I can start again when I’m settled at my new spot.



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